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  • Presidential Lectures
  • Scientific Lectures
  • Pro/Con Debates
  • State of the Art Sessions
  • Educational Sessions
  • CMC Panel Discussions
  • Symposia

Part I: Breast Cancer

icon berlin time webModeration: J.-U. Blohmer (Berlin)
Co-Moderation: M. P. Goetz (online)
09:00 – 09:05 am
Welcome and Introduction
J. Sehouli, J.-U. Blohmer
09:05 – 09:45 am

Presidential Lectures

New ER-targeted Therapies: SERDs, SERMs, PROTACs and SERCAs
M. P. Goetz
Practice-changing Study Results of Breast Surgery and Reconstruction
J.-U. Blohmer

09:45 – 10:15 am

Satellite Symposium with kind support of AstraZeneca

Targeting Future Perspectives in Clinical Oncology
Chairs: J. Sehouli, J.-U. Blohmer

  • Strategies to Overcome Endocrine Resistance in Breast Cancer
    J.-U. Blohmer
  • Combining Immunotherapy and PARP Inhibition in Gynecological Cancer
    J. Sehouli
10:15 – 10:35 am

State of the Art Session

Chairs: M. P. Goetz, O. Camara

HER2-positive Breast Cancer: Which Therapies When and for Whom?
J. K. Wagner

TNBC and Immune Checkpoint Therapies: Do We Have Predictive Factors for High Benefit?
V. Kiver

10:35 – 11:05 am

Satellite Symposium with kind support of Daiichi Sankyo

The Future Starts Today: ADCs in Breast and Women’s Cancer
Chairs: J. Sehouli, J.-U. Blohmer

  • Spotlight Metastatic Breast Cancer: Established and New Treatment Options
    J.-U. Blohmer
  • Rising Stars: ADCs in Gynaecological Tumors
    J. Sehouli
  • Hotchair: Panel Discussion – What are the Learnings from Breast to Women’s Cancer?
    J.-U. Blohmer, J. Sehouli
11:05 – 12:25 am

Scientific Lectures

Chairs: J. K. Wagner, V. Kiver

Immune Checkpoint Therapies for ER+ Breast Cancer: New Evidence
K. Giridhar

Is Chemotherapy for Early ER+ Breast Cancer Patients Still Necessary?
S. Kümmel

Identification and Selection of Patients for Genetic Testing
S. Yadav

Hormone Replacement Therapy: Newer Evidence
S. Pruthi

12:25 – 12:40 am

Part II: Ovarian Cancer

icon berlin time webChairs: E. I. Braicu, J. Sehouli (Berlin)
Co-Chairs: W. Cliby, A. Wahner-Hendrickson (online)
12:40 – 01:00 pm

Presidential Lecture

Ovarian Cancer Management: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
J. Ledermann

01:00 – 01:20 pm

State of the Art Session

Lymph Node Resection in Primary and Relapsed Ovarian Cancer?
C. Fotopoulou

01:20 – 02:20 pm

Satellite Symposium with kind support of Immunogen

ADCs in Platinum-resistant Ovarian Cancer
Chair: J. Sehouli

  • Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs) – A New Class in Ovarian Cancer
    P. Harter
  • ADC Experience and Management: What have We Learnt? – 1 Year of ADC Experience
    K. Moore
  • How to Prepare your Clinic for ADCs: Treatment and Management
    G. Konecny
  • Panel Discussion and Q&A
    J. Sehouli + Speakers
02:20 – 03:00 pm


HRD-related Therapies: PRIMA vs. Paola vs. Athena vs. Ov-43 vs. Duo-O and More…
What is the Best Strategy?

  • Mayo Perspective: A. Wahner Hendrickson
  • Charité Perspective: E. I. Braicu

Expert Panel: Can We Define a Global Consensus?
B. Monk, K. Moore, A. Wahner Hendrickson, K. Fujiwara, P. Harter, I. Ray-Coquard + Chairs

03:00 – 03:25 pm

Educational Session

Prehabilitation in Ovarian Cancer

  • Mayo Perspective: A. Kumar
  • Charité Perspective: The Charité Priming Concept for Gynecological Cancers: J. Sehouli

Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) (incl. Optimal Perioperative Pain Management)

  • Mayo Perspective: S. Dowdy
  • Charité Perspective: M. Lee

Best Supportive Care Only or Chemotherapy or a Specific Cancer Therapy?
A. Wahner Hendrickson

03:25 – 03:35 pm

Part III: Endometrial Cancer

icon berlin time webChairs: K. Pietzner, R. Chekerov, A. Mariani (Berlin)
Co-Chair: N. Concin (online)
03:35 – 03:55 pm

Presidential Lecture

Endometrial Cancer Management: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (incl. Targeted Therapies, ADCs)
N. Concin

03:55 – 04:55 pm

Satellite Symposium with kind support of GlaxoSmithKline

Management of Endometrial Cancer 2024 – From Clinical Study to Daily Routine
Chair: J. Sehouli

  • Welcome and Introduction
    J. Sehouli
  • Surgery, Value of Radiotherapy, Diagnosis
    K. Pietzner
  • Current Therapy Landscape, Patient’s Perspective, Management of Side Effects
    J. Sehouli
  • IO + Chemotherapy; Recent Study Data; Outlook
    M. R. Mirza
  • “The Berlin CMC Consensus”
    Statement of the speakers
  • Summary
    J. Sehouli
04:55 – 05:15 pm

Pro/Con Debate

FIGO Staging

  • PRO: G. Glaser, F. Fotopoulou
  • CON: M. Shahi, P. Ramirez
05:15 – 05:45 pm


  • Role of PARP Inhibitors in Endometrial Cancer
    J. Sehouli
  • What is the Best Therapy for Relapsed Endometrial Cancer? Chemotherapy Pretreated or Naïve?
    G. Choong
  • Options and Limits of HRD Diagnostic in Endometrial Cancer
    E. I. Braicu
05:45 – 06:15 pm

Panel Discussion

  • ENGOT-en9/Leap-001: Pembrolizumab and Lenvatinib in Endometrial Cancer
    C. Marth
  • Duo-E, Leap-001, NRG-18, RUBY, Garnet, KEYNOTE-158, KEYNOTE-775, SIENDO, PALEO and More… – How to Integrate the Recent Milestone Trials into Clinical Practice?
    M. R. Mirza, D. Lorusso, C. Marth, J. Weroha, J. Sehouli + Chairs

Part IV: Cervical Cancer

icon berlin time webChairs: M. Z. Muallem, E. Delarue, S. Dowdy (Berlin)
Co-Chair: S. Mahner (online)
06:15 – 06:35 pm

Presidential Lecture

Cervical Cancer Management: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow – The Global Perspective
L. Chinula

06:35 – 07:20 pm


Revolution in Cervical Cancer Surgery? Radical Hysterectomy, Simple Hysterectomy, or Cone Biopsy in Early-stage Cervical Cancer
S. Mahner

Role of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in High-risk Cervical Cancer:
J. Ledermann

Surgery, Radiochemotherapy, or Incorporation of Immunotherapy in Primary Cervical Cancer?
D. Lorusso

07:20 – 07:40 pm

Panel Discussion

Insights of Charité Mayo Practise and How to Translate these Data into Clinical Routine?
M. Block, J. Sehouli, F. Mehrhof, P. Wimberger, R. Armbrust + Chairs

07:40 – 08:00 pm


Newest Options with ADCs in Relapsed Cervical Cancer
I. Vergote

Phase I Data and Immunotherapy
M. Block

08:00 pm

Closing Session

Presentation of the Three Best Posters
Closing Words and Farewell

08:10 pm

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Berlin Cultural Highlight

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